How to Print from your Laptop

Patrons using their own laptop — Windows or Mac — may now use the in-library printing system to print to our public printer in the adult area.

Printing requires the installation of a small application. (Click here to get the printing application). When you close the application or shutdown your laptop the application will disappear.

When prompted, click the link to run the Print Client for Windows or Mac.
Follow the installation directions.
Print to the printer named "\\\Black & White".
When prompted for a User ID enter any number.  We suggest the last 4 digits of your phone number.
You will have to enter that number at the Release Station to retrieve your print job.

You can pay for and release your print jobs at the Release Station located near the Adult Internet PCs.  The price, just as it is from the library PCs, is $ 0.10 per page.

Click here for the printing application.

Remember that the library's Wi-Fi and Internet Policies apply.