The mission of the Millburn Free Public Library is to fulfill the educational, informational, cultural and recreational needs of the community by providing open and equal access to services and library materials in various formats.


The Library's meeting room facilities are to be used to enhance the educational, cultural and community life of the residents of Millburn Township, in accordance with the Library’s mission and the American Library Association’s “Library Bill of Rights” which states, “Libraries that make exhibit spaces and meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.”


The Library reserves the right to prioritize meeting room use based on the following criteria:


1. Library meetings or Library-sponsored programs

2. Millburn Township official meetings (including Millburn Public School-related meetings).

3. Groups and organizations based in Millburn Township

4. Other groups and organizations (among whose membership there must be a Township resident or Library cardholder) subject to the provisions below or to any modifications that may be made by the Library's Board of Trustees



  1. All meetings scheduled in the Library must be open to the general public and free of admission charges. No group or individual may levy an admission charge or fee under any guise, or mandate a purchase of a good or service, in exchange for attendance or participation in a program or event held in the Millburn Free Public Library.  Promotions or sales of services, products, merchandise, materials or other items are prohibited.  Fundraising is prohibited, except for the benefit of the Millburn Free Public Library or the Friends of the Millburn Free Public Library.
  2. Authors are permitted to offer their books for sale after a speaking engagement.  Musicians are permitted to sell their CDs after a performance.  Sales of services, products, merchandise or solicitations for donations by a Library sponsored program or event, or by the Friends of the Library are permitted.
  3. As a convenience, dues may be collected from members of an organization holding a meeting at the MFPL.  However, dues collection cannot be used to exclude members of the public from a program, event or meeting. 
  4. Meeting rooms may not be used for any unlawful purposes.
  5. Meeting room application must be signed by a sponsoring adult when the facility is used by minors. That adult must also be present for the duration of the program/meeting.
  6. Tobacco, alcohol and games of chance are prohibited.
  7. Open flames, including candles and solid gel fuels, incense, and other hazardous materials are prohibited. 
  8. Any promotional material created to announce an event in the library by an unaffiliated group must include the following statement:  “This event is neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Millburn Free Public Library.”  All advertisements and notices must clearly designate the sponsoring organization.
  9. Meeting rooms may not be used for personal celebrations including, but not limited to showers, birthday parties or anniversary parties.
  10. Attendance size will be limited to the number authorized by the Fire Department for the particular room.  (See below).
  11. Meetings are to be held during the Library’s public hours unless specific arrangements have been made with and approved by the Director. Barring extenuating circumstances as defined by the Director, an additional room fee will be charged for meetings that are held outside the Library’s public hours.
  12. Set-up preparation must be included in the regular meeting schedule. Access to the meeting room prior to the Library’s public hours will not be permitted.
  13. Decorations must be approved by the Director or his/her designee and may not be affixed to the wall. All decorations must be free-standing.
  14. With proper notice and sufficient reason, the Library reserves the right to revoke permission for the use of a meeting room; or to change the meeting location to another room.


Room capacities:

Auditorium:                          Chairs only, audience style:  215 chairs.  Tables & Chairs:  144 (18 tables, 8 chairs/table)

Meeting Room B:                 29 fully opened divider; 14 each divided side

Williamsburg Room:            25


Reservations, payments and cancellations:

Rooms may be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.  A reservation is not secured until a receipt has been issued to you by the Millburn Free Public Library, showing your name, the date of the reservation and the name of the room reserved. 

Payment of applicable fees must be made to the library no later than seven (7) days in advance of the event.  Proof of non-profit status may be required. 

Failure to make payment within 7 days will result in a cancellation of the reservation.  If your reservation is cancelled, you may re-book, provided that the space has not been booked by another organization.  In all cases, all fees must be paid in full before access to the space will be granted. 

If the scheduled usage is less than 7 days from the time of booking, payment must be made at the time of booking.

Refund policy

If your program or event is cancelled, please inform the Millburn Library right away. 

  •  72 hours (or more) advance notice:  You have a choice of either a credit toward a future booking or the library will issue you a refund of your rental charges.  Refunds are paid out once a month and cycle with the timing of our board meetings.
  • Less than 72 hours’ notice:  You will receive a credit toward a future booking. 
  • Credits must be used within 12 months of issuance or they will be forfeited.

If the Millburn Library should close due to a facility or weather emergency, every effort will be made to notify the booking group, and fees already paid shall be reimbursed (or applied as a credit toward a future booking, if preferred).  The library shall bear no responsibility for any associated program costs incurred by the booking group. 

Advanced and recurring reservations:

Space cannot be reserved more than one year in advance, and recurring uses can be prearranged as follows:

  • Daily use:  Once a day for one week
  • Weekly use:  Once a week for four weeks
  • Monthly use:  Once a month for six months

One weekend must transpire between the final approved reservation in a series and the next booking. 


Fee Schedule:

Type of Group


Meeting Room B

Williamsburg Room

Millburn Gov’t Entity

No charge

No charge

No charge

Non-profit organization




Private organization





Additional Fees:

Piano recital:                      The fixed fee is $300 for up to three hours, including room set-up.
                                                $75/hour for each hour (or part thereof) beyond the initial three hours.

Rehearsals:                         (For booked recitals only).  $50/hour, or any part thereof

Piano access:                     $75/hour, or any part thereof. 

Coffee Urn:                        $5.00.  Organization provides coffee and accessories.

Refrigerator access:        $10.00.  Access begins day before program and must be emptied
                                                immediately after the program.

A-V Equipment

The MFPL has built-in A-V equipment and free wireless Internet.  You may bring your own laptop to connect to our built-in projector.  The library can lend you a VGA cable for this.  The library also has a dongle to convert Mac ports to VGA.  Please notify us in advance of any needs and to arrange for an introductory session on the library’s A-V equipment.

                A-V Fees:

Connect your laptop to our projector:                    No charge

Use of Library Laptop:                                                    $40.00

DVD Player:                                                                        $10.00

Microphone & sound system:                                    $10.00

Lectern with built-in sound:                                        No charge


Millburn Township-based governmental organizations:  No fee shall be charged to any Millburn Township-based governmental organization or department, including the Millburn Board of Education and any Board-of-Education recognized Parent-Teacher Organization.  Proper application must still be made and access is based on availability. 


No charge shall ever be levied for the use of a room as a polling place for primary or general elections.


The authority to revise this fee schedule is delegated by the Board of Trustees to the Library Director.



The undersigned agrees to assume responsibility for the preservation of order at said location and liability for any damage thereto and for the observance of all policies, rules and regulations of the Millburn Free Public Library and further release Millburn Township, the Millburn Free Public Library, and their respective officials, employees, and agents (collectively the Township parties) from any liability of any kind whatsoever arising out of participation, organization and/or sponsoring of said activity. The undersigned further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless all of the Township parties from and against any and all actions, causes of action, losses, damages, liabilities, and claims, and all fees, costs and expenses of any kind related thereto (including without limitations, reasonable attorney's fees), arising out of or resulting from claims based upon or related to participation, organization and/or sponsorship of said activity
The undersigned is at least 21 years of age and intends to be bound by this agreement.


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