The Millburn Free Public Library Board of Trustees adopts this strategic plan to guide its decision making for the years 2019 – 2022.  Work began in the spring of 2019.  Focus group meetings, an online community survey, and in-person meetings were held in the library.  The input from all sources was synthesized into this plan.  Thank you to all who took part in its development.

The Strategic Planning Committee

Michael Banick, Ruthie Binder, Judith Eisner, Guilford Gaylord, and Sara Sherman.

Library Values

Respect.  We will treat each other, and will treat our patrons, with respect and courtesy.

Professionalism.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards in the work that we do.

Kindness.  We will always be helpful in our attitude and will try to help people have a better day.

Knowledgeability.  We will be aware of our resources and our policies, and will refer patrons to the right person when we don’t have an answer. 

Fairness.  We consider all factors and all options before coming to conclusions.

Equal access.  We will serve all patrons equally without regard for background, means, ability, or point of view.  The library will aim to collect or provide access to materials representing multiple viewpoints in order to present full and fair treatment of a topic.  The library does not tolerate or condone hate or hate speech.     

Privacy.  We will protect the privacy of our patrons, will follow New Jersey Library Law on the confidentiality of library records, and will not divulge private information. 

Goal 1: Enhance the Library Facility

A modern public library is more than just a collection of books.  The modern public library is a destination.  It should draw people in and make them want to be there.  The library should be safe, clean, functional, and friendly.

  • Complete building master plan
  • Renovate and update facility
    • Include:  Children’s area; Lobby and Circulation Desk Area; Restrooms;and Other Public Spaces
    • Maximize use of existing space to better serve the public
    • Examine seating, study areas, noise control, and shelving
  • Monitor trends and anticipate future needs, including technological and electrical needs

Goal 2: Connect with the Community

A library should synchronize with its community.  It should recognize to the interests of its community and look for ways to fill both spoken and unspoken needs. 

  • Ensure the library’s collection is relevant to the interests of the community
  • Explore the possibility of developing a “Library of Things,” including telescopes and gadgets
  • Offer programs and resources that address different cultures, languages, and special needs
  • Communicate regularly through various channels
  • Strengthen ties with community organizations and participate in community events

Goal 3: Strengthen and Protect the MFPL Brand

Brand is more than just the library’s name and logo.  The MFPL brand is also the library’s reputation, and how people feel about the organization, including our services, resources, facility, and our staff.

  • Strive for accuracy, consistency and reliability
    • Transactions should be error-free
    • Answers to questions should be thorough and complete
    • Establish baselines for minimum service standards
  • Be helpful and fair
    • When reasonable, give people the benefit of the doubt
  • Deliver excellent library service
    • Provide opportunities for staff development and training
    • Ensure that all staff are familiar with library resources, relevant to their position
    • Other libraries should look to the Millburn Free Public Library as a leader in service
  • Provide reliable, modern technology
    • Provide up-to-date computers and other resources for connectivity, creativity and exploration.
  • Improve the library’s marketing
    • Communicate through various channels – print, online, social media, etc.
    • Make sure our services and benefits are understood and well publicized
    • Promote what we offer -- the expected (books, DVDs, etc.) and the unexpected (notary, streaming services, e-books, programs, etc.)

Approved by the MFPL Board on 9/16/2019