When Millburn Went To War

A historical record of those who served abroad and at home

The Item of Millburn & Short Hills

As the war progressed, it ceased to be an event and became a way of life.  Bond drives, scrap metal and paper collection, ration cards... News from the front was often censored and those at home did what they could.  Then they crossed their fingers and waited.  And then they did some more.

The Township Tattle

The Township Tattle was published monthly, during the war years, by the American Women's Voluntary Services of Millburn, NJ.  The 1942-1945 editions that can be read here were sent to local enlisted men and women and brought them news of their friends and neighbors.

The Alert

The Alert was published by the Civilian Defense Council of Millburn, NJ. The Editor was Mr. Ramsdell. The 1942-1943 editions here were intended to keep Millburn and Short Hills residents 'alert' to potentially dangerous situations here at home during war time.

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