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The Millburn Library endeavors to guarantee everyone has equal access, both in our building and through digital means (our website), to the full spectrum of resources and programs we offer for the community. The Library not only strives to be accessible in our building, but inclusive in our offerings of programs and collections, so that all feel welcome and represented.


  • Wheelchair accessibility in all areas, including the entrance/exits, restrooms, study table options, and wheelchair-accessible service desks.
  • Elevator service between the first & second floor (which houses the nonfiction shelves & meeting rooms).
  • Computer screen-reading magnifier, which magnifies any book onto a computer screen for easy reading, as well as handheld magnifiers located at the Information Desk
  • Wi-Fi and public computer availability, for those without access at home


  • Large-Type book collection (click here to browse/search for large-type books)
  • Movies (DVD, Blu-ray / digital streaming) with closed captioning
  • Talking “Vox” children’s books
  • Audiobooks (CD / digital streaming)
  • eBook mobile apps that work on smartphones, tablets or via a web browser, with customization features (e.g. change font size, lighting/contrast, font style, line-spacing, normal/bold font weight; playback speed for audiobooks).

In the planning and continual growth of our website, Millburn Library aims to ensure our digital presence by following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. Our goal has been to create a convenient, useful, and accessible website for each and every possible user.

Our Accessibility widget is available on every webpage, in the middle of the right side of the page. The “half-moon” (◑) button toggles contrast, while the “TT” button toggles the size of the font larger/smaller. Additionally, our website is translate-able: just use the Google Translate widget located in the footer of every webpage.

If you experience any obstacles when using our website, or have any suggestions, please let us know by by directly contacting us via email or by phone (973-376-1006) when we are open, or by filling out the form below. We would be glad to improve the accessibility of the website for yourself and all other users as soon as possible.

Let Us Know How We Can Improve
Please let us know how the website needs improvement, and how you suggest it be changed.