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Get a Library Card

A valid Millburn Library card is required for all circulation transactions, and also unlocks access to our digital library apps & databases (using the barcode number on the back). Library cards also have a PIN to unlock access to one’s library account (which can be reset by speaking with staff).

Residents looking to sign up for a new card can get one at the Front Circulation Desk, or apply online and receive a temporary card number until you can visit us.

Millburn-Short Hills Residents

  • Any Millburn or Short Hills township resident or property owner, including children. Renewable every 3 years.

Courtesy Card

  • If a Millburn Resident card isn’t available to you, you might still be eligible for access to Millburn Library items only (excluding reciprocal borrowing at other BCCLS libraries and placing Holds for Pick-Up on other library items at Millburn).
    • Individuals who work in town
    • Non-resident students attending school in town
    • Caregivers who work in town

Pay Card

  • Individuals who do not otherwise qualify for borrowing privileges can purchase an annual membership. Non-resident pay cards are valid only at the Millburn Library, for Millburn items— they will not be honored at other BCCLS libraries, and cannot be used to place Holds and Pick-Ups at Millburn Library. The fee is determined annually based on per-capita library costs:
    • 2023 Pay Card: $165 per year
      • Effective 1/1/2024 Pay Card:  $185 per year
    • 2023 Senior Fee (65+): $75 per year
      • Effective 1/1/2024 Senior Fee (65 +): $85 per year

What You Need to Register

The following are acceptable types of I.D. for getting a new library card, or renewing an existing card:

  • NJ Driver’s license with current address
  • Utility bill printed with name & address
  • Current rent receipt, lease agreement or tax bill
  • Postmarked envelope with name mailed to current address
  • Letter or pay stub from Millburn/Short Hills employer, verifying employment
  • Kids & Teens: Current report card or tuition payment from school in Millburn/Short Hills, or a parent’s ID verifying their home address

Millburn Library cards are free when first registering. Lost cards can be replaced for a fee of $5.00. Please visit us at the Front Circulation Desk if you need a new or replacement card.

Privacy of Records

According to N.J. Statute 18A:73-41.1-3, information in a patron’s record is available to the cardholder only, including children’s records. The privacy of Millburn patron’s records may be overridden only by subpoena, search warrant, or by Federal agents legitimately invoking the Patriot Act.

Items on hold may be picked up only with presentation of the card of the patron for whom the item is on hold. All registered cardholders must present their cards when checking out materials from the library. This policy is a safeguard against fraud and is for your protection.  An image of your library card that is stored on your smartphone is acceptable.  As a courtesy, Millburn/Short Hills residents may present their I.D. if they forget their card.

Millburn Library does not retain a history of items checked out by patrons, unless the patron personally opts-in to such on their library account.

Library cards are non-transferrable. Electronically-stored versions of your card (i.e., smartphone app) are acceptable at Millburn Library.