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Mission & Values

The Millburn Free Public Library: our community gathering place for knowledge, culture, and social connections.
Millburn's Value Poster: Respect, Professionalism, Kindness, Knowledgeability, Fairness, Equal Access & Privacy

We treat each other and our patrons with respect and courtesy.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards in the work that we do.


We are helpful in our attitudes and try to help people have a better day.


We are aware of our resources and our policies and refer patrons to the right person when we don’t have an answer.


We consider all factors and all options before coming to conclusions.

Equal Access

We serve all patrons equally without regard for background, means, ability, or point of view. The library aims to collect or provide access to materials representing multiple viewpoints in order to present full and fair treatment of a topic. The library does not tolerate or condone hate or hate speech.


We protect the privacy of our patrons, follow New Jersey Library Law on the confidentiality of library records, and do not divulge private information.