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Mobile Hotspots

Millburn Library has several loanable Wi-Fi hotspots, available at the Information Desk to Millburn cardholders.

Why borrow a mobile hotspot? Well, even if you have an internet connection at home, there are plenty of times one comes in handy. Wi-Fi hotspots can provide internet to your phone, tablet or laptop anywhere your cell phone gets a strong signal (without incurring cell phone data charges), so you can use it while traveling (either in the car or on the beach), or even if you simply want to have a more reliable connection around town. The hotspot itself is smaller than a book, and holds a charge for on-the-go internet, in addition to a charging cable. Simply turn it on and find the Wi-Fi network by name on your device and enter the password (instruction card provided) to connect privately & securely.

Check if a hotspot is available and reserve one here.

Each hotspot checkout includes:

  • Mobile Hotspot
  • USB cable + charger
  • Laminated instruction card + pouch

Details of a mobile hotspot loan:

  • Hotspots are available for a 2-week loan, with no renewals or holds. Only 1 hotspot per library card loanable at once.
  • Patrons must have a Millburn library card in good standing.
  • Overdue fees apply: $1.00 per day later. The replacement fee for a lost hotspot (or any component) is $50.00.