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Printing, Copying & Scanning

Printing is available at Millburn Library, both from a public computer station at the Library and from your own device. Millburn Library’s Print Release Station is located near the Information Desk. The costs-per-page are below. An ATM is available in the Library Lobby, or you may pay at the Circulation Desk with larger bills— the print payment machine accepts $1 bill, quarters, dimes, and nickels.

Black & White: 10¢ per page   |   Color: 25¢ per page


Select a method below to send your print job to the Library Print Release Station:

Send as Email

Upload to Web Portal

Smartphone App

From a Library Computer

Printing via Email Attachment

Login to your email account and send or forward an email with your document(s) to be printed as an attachment. No message or subject-line is necessary, only the attachments will be printed. The email should be sent to one of the following, depending on your need:

Printing from a Website

Go to Millburn Library’s Web Portal for printing (below). Then, follow these steps on the webpage to send a document to the Print Release Station at Millburn Library.

  1. Select Black & White or Color to print to.
  2. Enter your email address. This is how you will access your print job at the Print Release Station in the Library.
  3. Use the Document Select uploader to attach your print job.
    • If printing a document on your computer, click Browse and find it in your file system.
    • If printing a particular webpage, copy & paste the website URL (address) into the text box.
  4. Click the green print button to send the document(s) to the Print Release Station in the Library.
Using our Smartphone Printing App
  1. Download the free PrinterOn app to your device in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or at
  2. Open the PrinterOn app.
  3. Click on No Printer Selected.
  4. Click Search, then type 07041.
  5. Choose the MFPL printer to send your document(s) to:
    • Black & White
    • Color
  6. Upload your document(s) to print (Documents, Email, Photos, Web) following the on-screen instructions. Hit Print when done.
  7. Enter your email address and hit the checkmark on the top-right corner.
Print from a Public Computer

The Print Release Station is automatically linked to all the public computers in the Library. Patrons can use their library card number or ask for a guest pass at the Information Desk to access one.

  1. Find & open your print job, be it a document you download from the Internet or your email, a webpage, or a file from a flash-drive.
  2. Click the normal Print button shown on the document window, right-click and use the Print option listed in the mouse dropdown, or ask a staff member for help.
  3. Under Printers, choose yours: either Black & White or Color (if you don’t see “Color” as a Printer option, click “See More” under “Destination” to find the Color Printer). Check how many copies you would like printed, and be sure to use the Print Preview button to print only the pages you want, as well as adjusting any other settings you need. Click Print.
  4. A small window will pop-up asking for a User ID. This can be anything. Choose something memorable and short, like your last name or last 4 digits of your phone number. This ID is simply used to access your documents out of all the other ones waiting in the Print Release Station (which will ask for a “Library Card Number” but really means this User ID). Type one in and click OK.
  5. A second pop-up will list the price to be charged (later) at the Print Release Station. Click OK.

Once you have sent your print document(s) via one of the above methods, you’re ready to print. Make sure you send your document(s) only when you’re ready to print them in the Library— they will disappear after one hour if you haven’t printed them yet.

The Print Release Station at Millburn Library is located near the Information Desk on the first floor. Tap the “Print Release” button (the computer is a touchscreen).

  • If you printed from a Millburn public computer, next to the “Library Card Number” field enter your User ID (which may or may not be your library card number— it is whatever you entered when sending your document to the printer).
  • If you sent a document to the printer from your own device (email, web portal or PrinterOn app) you’ll need to enter your email address you previously entered.

The Print Release Station will list your document print queue. You can Preview what any document looks like on the screen before delivering payment. You can also print select document(s) or all at once. Once you click Print, the computer will display the final cost in a pop-up window. Enter small bills or change into the machine before clicking “Pay from Vending Machine.” 


Scanning is available at the Print Release Station, in addition to printing. Scanning is free of charge.

  1. Tap Scan Documents on the computer touchscreen.
  2.  Choose how you would like your scan to be delivered:
    1. To your smartphone via a QR code (most modern smartphones can read QR codes by simply pointing the Camera app at it). The QR code will lead you to a webpage that you can download the scan from.
    2. Send to an email address.
    3. Put on to a USB flash-drive.
    4. Send to Google Drive.
  3. Select your Scan Settings (filetype, black & white or color, image quality, etc.).
  4. Place your document on the scanner glass and press Scan.
  5. At this point, you can add a second page on the scanner glass and tap Scan  to create a multi-page scan, if you need. You can also crop or adjust the image. When finished, tap Deliver and remove your thumb-drive.


A copy machine is available by the Front Lobby. Black and white (10¢/page) and color (25¢/page) options are available.


The Millburn Library no longer has a publicly available fax machine for use. If you need something faxed, please see the Information Desk and a librarian can help you fax it.