The Library is currently closed.  We're open again on Tuesday (May 28, 2024) from 9:30 am to 8:45 pm

Printing, Copying & Scanning


Visit our Princh web portal to upload your documents and send them to our Print Release Station. The web portal works for mobile, tablet & laptops. You can also download the Princh app (Apple/Google Play) for future printing convenience. Printing is also available directly off of the library computers.
Black & White: 10¢ per page   |   Color: 25¢ per page

Once you have sent your prints, stop by the Print Release Station (next to the scanners at the end of the public computer row) to select and pay for your prints. Enter either your email address (if sent via one of your own devices) or your “Job ID” (if sent from a library computer) to see your waiting print jobs. Enter cash or coins in the coin-box (credit card payment is coming soon). Once printed, your jobs are deleted immediately; or they will be auto-deleted in 24 hours if not collected.


Scanning is available at the Print Release Station. Scanning is free of charge. There is a both a flatbed & sheet-fed scanner (the latter can handle multiple pages at once).

  1. Tap Scan Documents on the computer touchscreen.
  2.  Choose how you would like your scan to be delivered:
    1. To your smartphone via a QR code (most modern smartphones can read QR codes by simply pointing the Camera app at it). The QR code will lead you to a webpage that you can download the scan from.
    2. Send to an email address.
    3. Put on to a USB flash-drive.
    4. Send to Google Drive.
  3. Select your Scan Settings (filetype, black & white or color, image quality, etc.).
  4. Place your document on the scanner glass and press Scan.
  5. At this point, you can add a second page on the scanner glass and tap Scan  to create a multi-page scan, if you need. You can also crop or adjust the image. When finished, tap Deliver and remove your thumb-drive.


A copy machine is available by the Front Lobby. Black and white (10¢/page) and color (25¢/page) options are available.


The Millburn Library no longer has a publicly available fax machine for use. If you need something faxed, please see the Information Desk and a librarian can help you fax it.