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Join us back at 200 Glen Ave

We're Back!

It has been an adventure, but it is finally time for us to move back to our home at 200 Glen Avenue. We cannot wait to see you on May 4th!
  • When will the main Library building re-open to the public?
    • The Library will re-open on Wednesday, May 4th at 10am at 200 Glen Avenue.
  • Will my holds be sent back?
    • No, holds will be ready and available at 200 Glen Ave when we re-open to the public.
  • What about returns? What should I do with them?
    • We ask that you hold on to your returns until we re-open at 200 Glen Ave on Wed, May 4th (they won’t be marked as late while we are closed).

If you can’t make it to Glen Avenue, the Digital Library is open 24/7! Use your Millburn Library card to stream TV & movies, read eBooks or comics, listen to audiobooks, learn a new language and more with one of our many digital resources.

If you have any questions, you can call (973) 376-1006, text us at 973-988-4228, or email reference@millburn.bccls.org.

Millburn Library has moved down the street during our renovations

Temporary Location

While our renovations are ongoing and the main library building is closed, in-person service will be available just down the street at 253 Millburn Avenue, the old “Annie Sez” building, during our normal operating hours. Services that will continue to be available are listed below. Masks are still required to be worn by all guests & staff in the pop-up location.

For information about the renovations to the regular Library building, click here.

Below you can find the quick guide to what services are or aren’t available during these upcoming weeks at our temporary location, 7 days a week. Any questions you may still have can also be answered at our usual phone, email or website chat lines.

  • Millburn Library’s Collections: Books & Media
    • Our “New” Books and DVDs for the Adult, Teen & Children’s collections are available at the pop-location. Most of the Millburn Library collection will be in storage and unavailable during the renovation.
  • Placing Holds & Pick-Ups:
    • You will still be able to browse the library catalog (from the entire “BCCLS” library system) and place any item on Hold.
    • Requested items can be picked up at our pop-up location.
  • Notary Public Service:
    • Millburn & Short Hills residents can still reserve an appointment Monday—Friday, between 2:00—4:30pm. Limit of 5 notarizations per appointment.
  • Public computer use, Printing/Scanning & Wi-Fi:
    • Public Computers: public computers are available for use.
    • Printing: black & white and color printing are available. A copier-scanner is also available, and staff can help with faxing, if needed.
    • Wi-Fi: public Wi-Fi available for guests bringing their own devices.
  • Seating:
    • Armchairs are available near our Newspaper lounge, plus there are several tables for quiet study, including some by the Information Desk and near the Teen/Children’s area.

Renovation Update

UPDATE 2/23/2022 – Construction work at the library building is coming to a close.  Lighting installations are nearly complete and window installation in the Children’s Room should be finished by the end of this week.  Progress on the first floor restrooms continues.  The plumbing work should be finished in about a week, but partitions will take a little bit longer to be fabricated and installed. They should be installed in March.   

Installation of the tile flooring in the lobby and circulation desk area is scheduled for the first week of March.  Other flooring and furniture should be installed by the end of March or beginning of April.  Our general contractor has been punctual all the way through.  These delays are with carpeting and furniture that are separate from the construction contract.  These items were ordered in October and initially had a January ship date, but supply chain issues have led to these delivery delays.  

The lease at our temporary site has been extended through 3/31/2022 with an option to extend into April if needed.  We are very grateful to our landlord for being flexible and accommodating.  We look forward to reopening our renovated building at 200 Glen Ave in the next 6 – 8 weeks.  

UPDATE 1/14/2022 – The big news is that the Board of Trustees approved the renovation of the 1st floor restrooms at the December meeting.  The restrooms will be fully renovated and one additional toilet will be added to the women’s restroom.  

New walls are up and are painted.  Some new interior doors have been installed.  The entire first floor has been painted.  The adult side has been painted up to the wall-mounted sound baffles.  Floor trenches have been filled in.  HVAC improvements, including new ductwork and diffusers, are done.  The gallery wall has been prepped and will have a new flexible membrane installed on the surface.  Most of the new lighting was delivered Thurs 1/6 and installation is ongoing.  Flooring for the staff workroom is complete.  Computer and network cabling is ongoing and will likely be finished within the next two weeks.

The new windows for the Children’s Room are scheduled to be delivered in January and will be installed ASAP.  The exterior wall has been modified and is ready to accept the new windows as soon as they come in.  They will be trimmed out right after installation. 

Upcoming tasks include carpet installation, furniture delivery & installation, and artwork installation for the Children’s Room thematic entrance and window wall. 

At this time, we are looking at a late-February move back to 200 Glen Avenue.   Our lease at the temporary site runs through 2/28/2022. 

UPDATE 12/15/2021 – The library building at 200 Glen Ave is now closed for a major renovation – its first renovation of this scale since the building opened over 44 years ago.  Walls have been knocked down between the children’s room and the adjacent office and staff workroom.  New framing is being installed and, in the end, the children’s room will expand by about 20% with no loss of public space and without making the building any larger. 

The concrete floor has been trenched for new data and electrical.  The cuts are between 12” – 15” wide and about 6” deep, reaching down to the compacted stone beneath the flooring.  Conduit will be placed in these trenches and then new data cables and electric wires will be pulled. The trenches will be filled with new concrete so that the surface is smooth.  All of the cuts have been clean and all of the heavy pieces lifted out without jackhammering, which kept dust and noise under control.  All of the concrete that is being removed will be recycled.  The chunks will be pulverized and used for road bedding and other construction projects.  Ultimately, all flooring will get new carpeting or tile.  We are all very pleased with the progress. 

The windows have been removed from the children’s room and the openings have been adjusted to accept the new windows that will be installed.  New lintels have been placed above the openings and the pillars between the pairs of windows have been knocked down.  Right now, the openings are covered with plywood. 

Work takes place Monday through Friday.  It is exciting to see the progress and we look forward to moving back into the renovated building in early 2022.  In the meantime, be sure to visit us at our temporary location: 253 Millburn Ave in Millburn.

Starting October 2021

Building Renovation Plans

Millburn Library will start major renovations to upgrade key areas inside the building, including the Children’s Room, a relocated Teen Area, new service desks, as well as other aesthetic changes that will benefit the community for years to come. The construction will take approximately 14 weeks, starting in October of 2021.

The Children’s area will expand by nearly 20%, and receive new seating, additional shelving, and an upgraded design. Scroll down further to see renderings of the future space. Additionally, the Children’s Room will be closed for some time after a partial re-opening the rest of the Library, for finishing touches. A grand re-opening is scheduled for the conclusion of the entire project.

The new Teen Space will benefit our after-school teen patrons, allowing collaboration & socialization in an area of their own. It will be located under the mezzanine in an enclosed room, allowing for better sound control and a better library experience for all, especially those seeking a quiet place to study and relax. The existing Teen area, by our beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows, will be revamped into a comfortable seating lounge overlooking the South Mountain Reservation.

Final features include new service desks for Circulation & Information, as well as new carpeting, lighting, and other changes.

To read the complete details, see our press release outlining the process.

New Children's Room

Our busiest area, the Children’s Room, is set to grow by 20%, allowing additional seating for favorites like Storytime & crafts, while new shelving for growing collections will be added, some of it modular to allow for flexibility of the space.