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Volunteer Work

Library Volunteering

Millburn Library loves it when local residents want to help out! Volunteer opportunities are available for Adults (below) as well as for Teens. You might also consider volunteering for The Friends of the Millburn Library, especially during the Annual Book Drive. Adults interested in helping out with our English Language Learners program can fill out this form instead to volunteer for that specifically.

Adult Volunteers are welcome to fill out and submit to the Circulation Desk the application form, which also lists the procedures & rules for volunteering; or, you can submit the online form below. Volunteering opportunities is dependent on availability of needed work and training time availability, we cannot guarantee opportunity.

Adult Volunteer Form

Adults wishing to volunteer at the Millburn Library can fill out and submit this form, and we will get back to you about any opportunities we may have available. Thank you!
Number on the back of your card below the barcode
(If you are bilingual)
Someone close to you we can contact in case of an emergency.
Personal or professional reference, but not a relative. Please provide all info required.
Personal or professional reference (#2), but not a relative. Please provide all info required.